Annunci hard veneto incontri trans foligno

annunci hard veneto incontri trans foligno

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NkotbAgibe 4 March, 2019 Backstreet Boys BSB are an American rock band. Kev Mandy 23 May, 2013 I would like to express condolences over the loss of Uriah Heep longtime member, my favourite bass player, songwriter,. David walters 24 May, 2013 A very sad time. The way he playd his bass was unic and an inspiration for me and many others. Deepest condolences to his family and friends and fellow Heep band mates. Trevor definitely did something with his life. Nadine, Timo and Susi Susi 25 May, 2013 Still can't believe it! John Lawton 23 May, 2013 I enjoyed listening to Trevors work with Bowie, but I saw him live several times with Heep. You will always be with.

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Rest in Peace, Trevor, and annunci hard veneto incontri trans foligno thank you very much for all the great concerts - my last one with you was on 10 December 2012 in Augsburg. A great musician and a really modest and cool guy. But sometimes you want to download a videofile and the hosting doesn't allow you to. Radim Stolina (Czech Republic) 23 May, 2013.I.P. You will live on through your music. If you like to opt-out of future communications from us, please submit your request here: /u4rPbG Unsubscribe to stop getting our emails. 30 May, 2013 No more fear of falling, thank you Trevor Fido 30 May, 2013.I.P. Yet we are glad to have had the opportunity to see and hear you live with the Heep in Germany. My thoughts and prayers to his family, the band and to the Heepsters. Thank you for your Music! His play inspired me many times to do the right thing. Trevor Bolder Henri Niskala 30 May, 2013 After the death of Gary Thain, I thought that Heep would never get a bassist like him. My toughts are with all who were close to Trevor. God bless you, Trevor! For heavens sake I got the chance to see you play on your last tour in Germany. The band, their ability and range of skills, lifted Bowie to the platform which ensured his lasting success. You are loved by many, you will never be forgotten and we will all catch up someday. My condolences to his family and everyone else, who can't stop crying over Trevor's passing. I left Spain just a few days before the gig. All tour dates are available at the urlmCarrie Underwood tour Kansas City/url. Mly fjdalommal bcsuzom TÅled. But he was foremostly a tremendous guy, a great man. Greg Hazard 24 May, 2013 If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven And bring you home again. I still hoped to see you some day with the Heep on the road again. Thanks for the joy. Hallgeir Gjerdset 3 June, 2013 We both wish to thank you for having some great memories of a great bass player, gentleman and great song writer your words in your music touches us all We thank the family. This is a sad day for music. Trevor will be sorely missed Brian Honea 30 May, 2013 Rock. I could watch and listen to his bass playing for hours.

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