EDEN Conference 2014 – the iPro project was represented at this year’s conference in Zagreb, Croatia by IADT. It was felt that the scope of the conference – Workplace-based training supported by ICT tools is part of the solution to reduce skill shortages and mismatches. E-learning has become a dominant delivery method in learning settings at work across various sectors and a wide range of company sizes. Its advantages may be many, including flexibility, cost and time savings, and new work habits and improved working climate. ICT-enhanced learning may improve organisational performance and lead to increased staff commitment and the generation of new ideas. E-learning is often used by companies to inform and educate not only their employees but also customers, as part of their branding and marketing strategy and activities.

The latest ICT solutions for simulations, virtual worlds, immersive learning and enhanced learning experiences are continuously producing renewed toolkits, supporting the development of authentic learning settings. E-competences and e-skills are increasingly treated as autonomous elements of personal development to be supported by specific learning activities and patterns” – was very much in line with iPro goals and objectives that are outlined in the short introduction at the following link within the Synergy Strand.