At the Dublin Project Meeting held in the IADT on 16 and 17 October 2014, ATiT presented the Media professionals’ skills and competences needs analysis results.

This iProfessional survey succeeded in collecting a good set of data about the skills and competences of professionals working in digital media and arts in 8 European countries. The rich and complex data that are the result of the survey are sufficient to continue to search for meaningful conclusions, especially with regard to the impact of education on the worker in his professional environment including the effect of internship.

A number of conclusions can be drawn from this first analysis. The survey has allowed us to make a quantitative and limited qualitative analysis of the profiles of media workers with regard to the competences, skills and attitudes they possess related to media businesses, such as artistic skills, technical skills, business processes knowledge, communication, project management, structuring of content, team work, problem solving, time management, etc. The survey resulted in a comprehensive list of transversal skills and competences that required by the professional digital media and arts worker set off against those acquired in formal education as well as on the job.

The results from the survey can be found in D3.3 Results and conclusions of the survey.