The objective of this activity is to lay the research basis for the framework that will be the eventual output of the project. It is not sufficient to have disparate sources that indicate indeed the skills and competences gap that exists between the New Media and Arts industry and the Higher Education, not only in Europe but globally. This is recognized in small qualitative researches, such as the Interfaculty and Professionals researches, or in larger surveys that were limited to a limited or constraint sample, often to an institution, or a region or a country. To find the necessary evidence that supports the claim that this industry is increasingly globally organized in its workforce and in its markets, it is evident that research is required on a transnational basis, to detect in how far skills and competences for new media workers have to adapt to this fast changing context.

The idea is therefore to design a survey instrument that supports the design and development of the curriculum framework in this project but that can be used afterwards by institutions and interest groups to continuously measure the dynamics of professional requirements and workers profiles in this particular professional area.

In that sense it will be designed to be an open resource that can be translated and adapted and that will follow the trends and changes in the industry and education.