The aim of this activity is to develop a reference framework of competences required by developers of digital multimedia content from within the perspective of Higher and Further Education curriculum design. The competence framework will define a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes for professionals within the new media sector, needed to achieve measurable outputs according to the expectations of the sector. This framework will include creative, technical and business competencies that will be used by the project consortium as guidelines to define learning outcomes and develop pilot training curriculum for digital media professionals, to be tested and validated against the existing or within newly developed curricula.

The framework development methodology will be based on a collaborative approach gathering the experience of practitioners from the new media industry complemented with analyses of the interrelated frameworks for digital competencies, project management and generic entrepreneurial competencies required in all professions.

Multidisciplinary framework structure will incorporate key areas of digital media development, various phases of media projects, descriptions of theoretical and practical competencies required to fulfill vocational and generic tasks and links to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European framework for key competences, beside the specific professional competence frameworks that already exist (such as SFIA).

A modular approach will be used to break down the competence framework in small units that can be easily modified or replaced by new units in order to address rapid technological changes and meet the new media industry needs and the requirements and constraints of the Educational Institutions, for example in relation to the national, regional or institutional context. These modules will be used as simple building blocks in development of new training programmes.