In the core project’s aspect for designing of the collaboration between the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and the industries, needing to use students with media and design skills and knowledge, there is a special aspect to prepare the HEI’s professors for the selection and creation of their educational materials, according to the requirements of the industry, but taking also into account the requirements of other stakeholders such as authorities and the research communities.

The creation of curricula that take these aspects into account are the responsibility of the academic and teaching staff of the Educational Institutions and should be focused on the use of educational materials and methods supporting students in their digital media and art studies.

The aim of this activity is to prepare the HEI’s professors for selection and creation of educational materials in the digital Arts and Media studies, that are addressing study topics that are missing at present, and to investigate which actions need to be taken to get acceptance and uptake for these subjects that are potentially entirely new in the curriculum.

The work will therefore also include research for multimedia components and design thereof where not available, that address these subjects that are required according to the research. Based on the selected multimedia components, a curriculum will be developed by university professors, who they will also look at how to implement these components. At the end of this activity, sample curricula will be developed that can be elaborated by education modules that are discovered, harvested and built during this activity, demonstrating the capabilities of a new type of curricula of education materials for Media and Arts Studies. The developed education modules will be evaluated, using university students and university academic staff and teachers as well as stakeholders from the industry and society.